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Hello DLL

This example shows a minimal example for creating a simple Dynamic Link Library using the MSVC toolchain:

$ccompile = saker.msvc.ccompile(
	CompilerOptions: saker.msvc.coptions.preset(dll)
	LinkerOptions: saker.msvc.coptions.preset(dll)

In the above we have a source file in the src/main.cpp path:

#include <stdio.h>
extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int my_function() {
	printf("Hello DLL!");
	return 0;

The example only differs from Hello world in that we use the dll preset rather than console.

Compiling and linking the above example will result in a library in the build directory at the path: saker.msvc.clink\default\x64\default.dll.

Adding the dll preset configuration as in saker.msvc.coptions.preset(dll) is needed, because we need to access the stdio.h header file, and linking the program requires the libraries available from the Windows SDK. The preset also adds the /DLL linker argument to create a DLL. The dll preset appropriately sets them up.

You can also load the created DLL and use the exported function with the following code:

#include <Windows.h>

typedef int (* my_function_t)();

HMODULE h = LoadLibrary("path\\to\\.dll");
my_function_t proc = (my_function_t) GetProcAddress(h, "my_function");