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Build tasks
saker.msvc.ccompile()Compiles C/C++ sources using the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain.
saker.msvc.clink()Links input files using the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain.
saker.msvc.coptions.preset()Creates a C options configuration for a specific preset type.
saker.msvc.sdk()Gets an SDK description for the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain that matches the given versions.
ArchitectureTypeRepresents the CPU architecture for which a given operation should be performed.
CMacroNameName of the defined macro for the C/C++ preprocessor.
CMacroValueValue of the defined macro for the C/C++ preprocessor.
COptionsPresetTaskOutputContains one or multiple C option presets.
COptionsPresetTypeEnumeration containing possible C option preset types.
CompilationIdentifierTaskOptionRepresents an identifier for compilation related tasks.
CompilationInputPassTaskOptionInput configuration for the saker.msvc.ccompile() task.
CompilationLanguageRepresents the programming language that should be used for compilation.
CompilationPathTaskOptionInput file(s) that can be paths, wildcards, file locations, or SDK path references.
ExecutionFileLocationRepresents a location of a file available in the build execution.
FileCollectionCollection of file locations.
FileLocationRepresents a location of a given file.
FileLocationTaskOptionRepresents a location of a file.
LinkerInputPassTaskOptionInput for the saker.msvc.clink() task.
LocalFileLocationRepresents a local file system location.
MSVCCompilerOptionsOptions configuration to be used with saker.msvc.ccompile().
MSVCCompilerWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the saker.msvc.ccompile() task.
MSVCLinkerOptionsOptions configuration to be used with saker.msvc.clink().
MSVCLinkerWorkerTaskOutputRepresents the output of the saker.msvc.clink() task.
MultiFileLocationTaskOptionOption accepting files as its input.
SDKDescriptionAn SDK description.
SDKDescriptionTaskOptionRepresents an SDK description that can be passed to tasks which support it.
SDKNameName of an SDK description.
SimpleCompilerParameterSimple compiler option that is directly passed to cl.exe on the command line.
SimpleLinkerParameterSimple linker option that is directly passed to link.exe on the command line.