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After you've uploaded the bundle for the package release of a given version, you can publish the version by clicking on the Publish button in the Versions tab of the package page.

When you publish the bundle, the repository will preform some additional validations for the package release. If it fails, you get an appropriate error message. If the validations pass, the bundles will be published for others to download. After you've published a release, you cannot delete bundles or unpublish it. (A confirmation dialog will notify you about this.)

After publishing, some time may elapse before the bundles are available for the general public. It may take some time to update all bundle and task indexes, update search indexes, and to the general modifications to propagate through the system. If you don't see any trace of your published package after a while, be sure to notify us about it so we can troubleshoot.

The uploaded bundles are no longer modifiable after being published, however, you can still modify some descriptions, changelog, and other meta-data for the package.