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Build tasks

Bundles uploaded to the repository may contain build tasks that can be invoked using the system during build execution. The build tasks can be invoked in the build script by simply referencing it by name and bundle qualifiers. Task qualifiers work the same way as bundle qualifiers and are used to choose the bundle to load the task from.

Example, if the example.package publishes the example.task build task:

# invokes the task from the latest example.package release
# invokes the task from the v1.0 release
# invokes the task from the latest release
# and from the example.package-q1 bundle
# invokes the task from the v1.0.1 release
# and from the example.package-q1 bundle

Using task qualifiers, you can choose which task implentation to use during the build execution. Generally, we recommend to include your tasks in your main bundle (that is the one without any extra qualifiers), so there are no confusion about what kind of qualifiers should be used for a given task invocation. However, this method supports use-cases where different task implementations should be chosen based on the circumstances.

If no version is specified for a given task invocation, the repository will choose the latest release version that is available.