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local install [@command-file] [parameters] bundles?

Installs the specified bundle(s) to the local bundle storage.

The command will take the specified bundles and place them in the local bundle storage. Other agents in the system will be able to use these installed bundles.

Any already existing bundle(s) with the same identifier will be overwritten.


File path prefixed with '@' to directly include arguments from the specified file. Each argument is on its separate line. They are directly inserted in place of the @command-file argument. The argument can appear anywhere on the command line. Escaping is not supported for arguments in the command file. The file path may be absolute or relative.

E.g: @path/to/arguments.txt

-repo-id <string>

Specifies the identifier of the repository.

The identifier is used to properly determine the configuration user parameters from the -U arguments.

It is "nest" by default.

-storage <string>

Sets the name of the local bundle storage to where the bundle(s) should be installed.

It is "local" by default.


Specifies the user parameters for configuring the repository.

This string key-value pairs are interpreted the same way as the -U user parameters for the build execution.

Positional parameter.

One or more paths to the bundles that should be installed.

The paths can also be wildcards, e.g. *.jar to install all Java archives in the current directory as saker.nest bundles.