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Dependency kinds

Bundles are allowed to define various dependencies with different kinds. The kinds are used to differentiate the dependencies based on their use-case. The kind dependency filter can be used to only resolve dependencies which have any of the specified kinds:

	DependencyFile: res/META-INF/nest/dependencies,
	Filters: nest.dependency.filter.kind(classpath)

If the res/META-INF/nest/dependencies contains the following contents:

	classpath: [1.0)
	native-lib: [2.3)

Then specifying the above kind dependency filter will result in only the example.bundle-api being resolved. The dependency with any other kind(s) are omitted.

The nest.dependency.filter.kind() task can take one or more dependency kinds to filter the interested dependencies.

	DependencyFile: res/META-INF/nest/dependencies,
	Filters: nest.dependency.filter.kind([

If we specify the above, then no dependencies will be omitted from the dependency file. However, any other kinds from transitive dependencies will be omitted accordingly.