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Build tasks the specified bundles for the build execution.
nest.bundle.localize()Localizes the specified bundles.
nest.dependency.filter.compile()Gets a dependency filter that limits the dependencies to the specified kinds and based on the compile-transitive meta-data.
nest.dependency.filter.kind()Gets a dependency filter that limits the dependencies to the specified kinds.
nest.dependency.resolve()Resolves saker.nest bundle dependencies.
nest.local.install()Installs the specified saker.nest bundles to the specfied local bundle storage.
nest.server.upload()Uploads saker.nest bundles to the specified Nest server.
nest.test.instrument()Adds saker.nest test instrumentation to the specified archive.
BundleIdentifierNest repository bundle identifier.
BundleKeyAn unique identifier object for a saker.nest bundle for the current storage configuration.
BundleUploadTaskOutputOutput of the server bundle upload task.
BundleUploadWorkerTaskOutputOutput of a bundle upload worker task.
DependencyConstraintsTaskOptionContains dependency constraints that restrict the resolution of dependencies.
DependencyFilterRepresents a dependency filter that can be applied to a dependency resolution algorithm.
DependencyResolutionTaskOutputOutput of Nest repository bundle dependency resolution.
DownloadBundleTaskOutputOutput of the bundle downloading task.
DownloadWorkerTaskOutputOutput of a single bundle download operation.
LocalInstallTaskOutputOutput of the local bundle installation task.
LocalInstallWorkerTaskOutputOutput of a bundle installing worker task.
LocalizeBundleTaskOutputOutput of the nest.bundle.localize() bundle localizing task.
LocalizeWorkerTaskOutputOutput of a bundle localizing worker task.
SakerPathExecution path to the archive with additional saker.nest test instrumentation.
StringA version number.
WildcardPathWildcard paths represent a pattern that are used to match paths in order to determine their inclusion.