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Resolve dependency file

The nest.dependency.resolve() task can be used to resolve the dependencies specified in a dependency file:

	DependencyFile: res/META-INF/nest/dependencies

In the above, the dependencies specified in the res/META-INF/nest/dependencies file will be resolved. The resolution works transitively. (I.e. the dependencies of the dependencies are also resolved, and so on.)

For example, if the file contains the following:

	classpath: 1.0
	native-lib: 2.0

The the dependencies for both first.bundle and second.bundle will be resolved. In order to filter out the unnecessary dependencies for your use-case, specify a dependency Filter:

	DependencyFile: res/META-INF/nest/dependencies,
	Filter: nest.dependency.filter.kind(classpath)

In this case only the dependencies for the kind classpath will be resolved, and the dependency on second.bundle is omitted.

After resolving the dependencies, you can pass them to other tasks to consume. E.g. Java compile classpath.