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SDK names and identifiers

When working with SDKs, you will need to give a name for them. The SDK names may be arbitrarily specified, however, when referencing paths and properties using sdk.path() and, then the same names must be used for the associations to work.

Important is that the SDK names are interpreted in a case-insensitive way. The following tasks achieve the same and all return a path reference for the SDK named java:

sdk.path(Java, Identifier:
sdk.path(java, Identifier:
sdk.path(JAVA, Identifier:

Note that the path and property identifiers may or may not be handled in a case-insensitive way. It depends on the SDK that they're associated with. In general, you should treat identifiers that they are case-sensitive.

Some SDK names may be handled specially by the task that interprets them. For example the task will decide the compilation JDK based on the specified Java SDK:
	SourceDirectories: src,
	SDKs: {

The above example will use a JDK with a major version of 13 to compile the sources in the src directory.