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SDK paths

SDK paths can be referenced using the sdk.path() task. This example is based on the JNI compilation example from the package.

$javac =
	# ...
		Files: csrc/**/*.cpp,
		IncludeDirectories: [
			sdk.path(java, Identifier: include),
			sdk.path(java, Identifier: include.platform),
	SDKs: {
		Java: $javac[JavaSDK]

In the above example we can see that for the saker.msvc.ccompile() task, we specify the Java SDK as an input, and add include directories (IncludeDirectories) that are path references from the Java SDK.

When the compiler task interprets the include directories, it will see that they are specified to be resolved against an SDK with the java name. It will retrieve the SDK reference for the java name, and use it to resolve the SDK paths with the identifier include and include.platform.

In the end this results in the include directories being configured based on the Java SDK, and the source files will be able to use the jni.h and related header files.

Note that the SDK names are handled in an case-insensitive manner. See SDK names and identifiers for more information.