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Build tasks a class path reference for the specified saker.nest bundles. Java sources. an annotation processor from the specified class path to be used with an annotation processor from the specified saker.nest bundle. a Java Runtime with a given Version and presents it as an SDK.
AddExportsModuleNameModule name from which the given package is exported to the specified target modules for Java compilation.
AddExportsPackageNameExported package name from a module for Java compilation.
AddExportsPathTaskOptionDescribes additional module export definitions to be used during Java compilation with modules.
AddExportsTargetModuleNameTarget module name to which the packages are exported to.
AddReadsModuleNameName of the module that requires/reads the associated modules.
AddReadsPathTaskOptionDescribes additional module reads definitions to be used during Java compilation with modules.
AddReadsRequiresOptionName of the module that is required/read.
AnnotationProcessorClassNameThe Java class name of the annotation processor that is being instantiated.
AnnotationProcessorOptionNameAnnotation processor input option key.
AnnotationProcessorOptionValueAnnotation processor input option value.
AnnotationProcessorReferenceTaskOptionSpecifies an annotation processor to use during Java compilation.
ClassPathReferenceClasspath object for the specified saker.nest bundles.
CompilationIdentifierTaskOptionRepresents an identifier for compilation related tasks.
JavaClassPathTaskOptionSpecifies a Java class or module path.
JavaCompilationLanguageOptionCompilation language.
JavaCompilationParameterJava compilation parameter directly passed to the backend Java compiler.
JavaCompilerOptionsDescribes various options as the input to Java compilation.
JavaCompilerOutputOutput of Java compilation.
JavaCompilerWarningTypeEnumeration containing possible warning types to suppress during Java compilation.
JavaDebugInfoTypeEnumeration for specifying the kind of debugging information that should be included in generated class files.
JavaSourceDirectoryTaskOptionSource directory containing Java source files.
JavaVersionNumberJava version number.
ModuleInfoMainAttributeJava class name that is injected in the compiled module-info.class for Java compilation.
ModuleInfoVersionAttributeVersion string that is injected in the compiled module-info.class for Java compilation.
ProcessorConfigurationDescribes how an annotation processor should be instantiated by the Java compiler task.
ProcessorInputLocationNameName for the specified annotation processor input location.
SDKDescriptionAn SDK description.
SDKDescriptionTaskOptionRepresents an SDK description that can be passed to tasks which support it.
SDKNameName of an SDK description.
SourceVersionTaskOptionA specific version of Java release.