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public interface BuildTargetTaskFactory extends TaskFactory<BuildTargetTaskResult>
TaskFactory specialization for representing build targets which are the basic root tasks in build scripts.

Build targets are the result of parsing a build script for the build system.

Build targets may optionally have parameters, which can be used to configure invocations of it. They are generally used when the user specifies a script to include another build targets, and pass some parameters to it.

Build targets create instances of BuildTargetTask as their task implementations.

public abstract BuildTargetTask createTask(ExecutionContext executioncontext)
Overridden from: TaskFactory
Creates a task instance.

Every task instance is used for only one invocation.

executioncontextThe execution context that is used to run the task.
The created task.
Gets the possible parameter names for this build target.

This method is mostly informational, as the build system currently only uses it to report a warning if the build target was invoked with a parameter that the build target doesn't publish.

Implementations can return null to signal that the parameter names are not available for this build target. Returning null will disable parameter related warnings for this build target.

An unmodifiable set of parameter names or null if this query is unsupported.