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Build tasks an universal file from the inputs using the lipo tool. a configuration for compiling and creating applications for various Apple platforms. an SDK description for the developer macOS. an SDK description for an Apple development platform. an SDK description for Xcode. the strip tool to remove unused symbols from binaries.
saker.iphoneos.bundle.create()Creates an iPhone application bundle with the specified contents.
saker.iphoneos.sign()Signs an iPhone application bundle.
saker.macos.bundle.create()Creates a macOS application bundle with the specified contents.
saker.plist.convert()Converts between different representations of a plist file.
saker.plist.insert()Inserts the specified values into a property list (plist).
AppleArchitectureName of an Apple development target architecture.
AppleOptionsPresetOutput configuration for creating applications for Apple platforms.
ApplePlatformOptionName of an Apple development target platform.
CompilationIdentifierTaskOptionRepresents an identifier for compilation related tasks.
ConvertPlistWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the plist converting task.
CreateIphoneOsBundleWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the iPhone application bundle creation task.
CreateMacOsBundleWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the macOS application bundle creation task.
DeviceFamilyAn Apple device family enumeration.
ExecutionFileLocationRepresents a location of a file available in the build execution.
FileCollectionCollection of file locations.
FileLocationRepresents a location of a given file.
FileLocationTaskOptionRepresents a location of a file.
InsertPlistWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the plist value insertion task.
IphoneOsApplicationTaskOptionAn iPhone application package.
LocalFileLocationRepresents a local file system location.
MultiFileLocationTaskOptionOption accepting files as its input.
PatternRepresents a regular expression pattern.
PatternReplacementRepresents a replacement expression to be used together with a regular expression.
PlistFormatOptionFormat name of a property list.
RelativeContentsTaskOptionA file configuration that is used to include files in a given package.
SDKDescriptionAn SDK description.
SDKDescriptionTaskOptionRepresents an SDK description that can be passed to tasks which support it.
SDKNameName of an SDK description.
SignIphoneOsWorkerTaskOutputOutput of the iPhone application signing task.
StripWorkerTaskOutputWorker task output of the strip tool invocation.