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Platform SDKs

Platform SDKs are the ones that are the target of your application. A platform SDK contains resources that allow you to compile your applications for a given platform. These are usually the libraries, header files, frameworks and other resources necessary.

Platform SDKs are the following:

  • iPhoneOS, iPhoneSimulator
    • These SDKs target the iPhone or its associated simulator.
  • MacOSX (macOS)
    • For applications running on macOS.
  • AppleTVOS, AppleTVSimulator
    • To create applications for Apple TV.
  • watchOS, watchSimulator
    • The SDKs to develop for Apple Watch or its corresponding simulator.

The configuration for these SDKs can be retrieved using the task:

# get an SDK for iPhoneOS
# get an SDK for iPhoneOS 10.2, Version: "10.2")

You can use the Version parameter to get an SDK for a specific version. The platform names are interpreted in a case-insensitive way.

When using configuration presets, the associated platform SDK will be added to your configuration.