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ZIP contents

To specify the archive contents you have two possibilities:

  • Specify the files that should part of the archive. (Resources parameter)
  • Include entries from other ZIP archives. (Include parameter)


The Resources parameter of the task can be used to specify files to be directly added to the archive, or to add files under a given subdirectory.

In both cases, you can control the archive location of the added files using the TargetDirectory property.

All of the files which are added using the Resources parameter will have the same modification time set for them, which equals to the ModificationTime parameter. (Or the epoch 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z if unspecified.)

Adding files

When adding files to the archive, the files will be placed in the root of the created archive with the same name as the added file. If the TargetDirectory property is specified, they will be placed under that directory path.
	Resources: [
			Files: [,
			TargetDirectory: lib

In the above example, the created ZIP archive will have the following files in it:


Adding directory contents

You can specify a directory and its subtree to be added to the created archive. This is a common use-case, as developers often store their to-be-archived resources in a single folder for easier management. To add a directory and its contents to the archive, use the following:
	Resources: {
		Directory: res,
		Resources: **

The Directory property specifies the path to the directory that should be added to the archive, while the Resources property specifies a wildcard pattern that selects the files to be added. The created archive will contain all files that is in the subtree of the res directory. The archive paths of the files are relativized against the res directory path.

You can also specify the TargetDirectory property alongside the Directory and Resources, that will cause the files to be placed under the specified directory path.


The Include parameter of the tasks allows you to include entries from other ZIP archives. You can specify the resources to be included using wildcard patterns, and can set a target directory under which they should be placed.
	Include: [,
			Resources: **/*.txt,
			TargetDirectory: input_res

The above example will include all entries from the in the created archive, and will include all txt files from the archive. The txt files will be placed under the input_res path for the created archive. The input_res target directory is prepended to the entry paths, the txt files are placed with respect to their original archive paths.

The modification time of the included entries are preserved. The ModificationTime parameter of the task doesn't override the modification time from the included entries.