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Resource closing

There are many cases when a class holds multiple managed resources that need to be closed when the class itself is closed. The IOUtils class provides some utility functions that close the resources in a simpler way.

public class MyResourceHolder implements Closeable {
	private InputStream input;
	private ZipFile zip;
	private RandomAccessFile file;
	public void close() throws IOException {
		IOUtils.close(input, zip, file);

In the above, we close the resources in the class using a single function call. If we didn't use that, we would've needed to write multiple try-catch blocks:

try {
} finally {
	try {
	} finally {

And even in this case, if multiple close() calls fail, some of the exceptions may be not part of the actually thrown one.

There are workarounds for more cleaner code:

try (InputStream input = this.input;
		ZipFile zip =;
		RandomAccessFile file = this.file) {

However, we feel that using IOUtils.close is a more cleaner way of describing our intent.