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saker.maven.classpath()Creates a class path object that can be used as an input to the and similar tasks.
AccountAuthenticationConfigurationHolds username-password pair for authenticating with Maven repositories.
ArtifactCoordinatesRepresents Maven artifact coordinates in the format of <groupId>:<artifactId>[:<extension>[:<classifier>]]:<version>.
AuthenticationTaskOptionOption for authenticating at a remote Maven repository.
ChecksumPolicyRepresents a checksum policy configuration for Maven artifacts.
ClassPathReferenceClasspath object for the specified Maven artifacts.
MavenConfigurationTaskOptionRepresents a Maven configuration used during operations with the Maven Resolver.
MavenRepositoryLayoutRepresents a layout configuration for Maven repositories.
PrivateKeyAuthenticationConfigurationHolds a private key and pass phrase pair for authenticating with Maven repositories.
RepositoryPolicyTaskOptionRepresents an artifact policy configuration for Maven operations.
RepositoryTaskOptionRepresents a remote repository configuration for Maven operations.
SakerPathLocal file system path to a Maven repository.
UpdatePolicyRepresents an update policy configuration for Maven artifacts.