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Precompiled headers

The saker.clang.compile() task supports using precompiled headers during compilation. Precompiled headers can improve build times by precompiling infrequently changing header files and reusing them later.

In order to use precompiled headers, specify the PrecompiledHeader parameter for the inputs in your build task invocation:

	Files: src/*.cpp,
	PrecompiledHeader: pch/pch.h,

The above will result in the pch/pch.h header being precompiled before any of the cpp files, and it will be automatically included before the source code for the cpp files. You don't need to explicitly #include the precompiled header file.

If you have multiple source files, the precompiled header will be compiled only once by the build task and reused for inclusion in multiple source files. It is recommended that frequently used header files are added to the precompiled header, as this can improve compilation times.

The build task also supports using precompiled headers on multiple machines. That is, if you use build clusters to distribute the compilation tasks, the precompiled headers are used on the clusters as well.