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public interface TargetConfigurationReader
Interface for reading a build script and converting it to a target configuration.

The parsing of the build script can be tuned using ScriptParsingOptions which provide arbitrary options for the reader.

Implementations of this interface should be stateless, and should be able to handle concurrent configuration reading requests from multiple sources.

public TargetConfigurationReadingResult
Reads the target configuration from the given input.
Reads the target configuration from the given input.

The return value of this method contains the actual parsed target configuration with other information meta-data.

optionsThe parsing options to use.
inputThe byte input of the script.
The parsing result for the input.
IOExceptionIn case of I/O error.
ScriptParsingFailedExceptionIf the script parsing failed for some reason (invalid syntax or semantics most commonly).
NullPointerExceptionIf any of the parameters are null.