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Annotation to specify the RMIObjectWriteHandler for a given object transfer point.

This annotation applies to method parameters and results. Annotating a type with this will result in the RMI runtime using the specified RMIObjectWriteHandler to transfer the denoted object. E.g.:

 interface Stub {
 	// The result of the method call will be serialized over RMI
 	Number parse(String s);
Without any annotation, the given transfer point will use the default transfer mechanism. (see DefaultRMIObjectWriteHandler)

This annotation can be placed on types to configure class transfer properties automatically.

public Class<extends RMIObjectWriteHandler>
The specified write handler to use during transfer.
public abstract Class<extends RMIObjectWriteHandler> value()
The specified write handler to use during transfer.

The write handler must have a default constructor.

The write handler to use.